Ecolink Co. Ltd., have been set up in Agust 2004 by a group of commodity traders and development consultant , with the purpose of promoting organic and fair-trade agriculture as a differentiated way of branding Vietnamese tea internationally, and to increase the awareness and consumption of organic products domestically

Ecolink Co. Ltd., have been set up in Agust 2004 by a group of commodity traders and development consultant , with the purpose of promoting organic and fair-trade agriculture as a differentiated way of branding Vietnamese tea internationally, and to increase the awareness and consumption of organic products domestically. Ecolink operates across the entire value chain by  partnership with farmer cooperatives ,  provide training and consultation for the groups to get organic certification, and building up strong supply chains in organic industry in Vietnam, from plantation, processing to distribution


Ecolink is considered a pioneer in Vietnam’s organic farming and Fairtrade sector, working to promote the organic farming industry in Vietnam and abroad. Ecolink was a founding member of the Vietnam Organic Association


Ecolink commit for sustainable agriculture. We not only introduce true quality of Vietnamese natural products to improve quality of life of people, but also take corporate social responsibility and improve livelihood of the upland farmers and related stakeholders in the chains


Ecolink’s  mother company , Hiep Thanh Co. ltd., is the biggest highland tea producer in Vietnam (  annual production of 5,000 MT  in 9 provinces ) , so Ecolink have real advantage in development of organic production in the highland of Vietnam .



Landscape of  Ban Lien  ( Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province ) where Ecolink have been assigned by Lao Cai province to set up 3 organic tea factories ( Bac Ha organic project is one of four organic project commited by Ecolink now ). It is the first highland organic project of Ecolink from 2006  ( certified organic by 2009 and fair-trade by 2010, with 197 tea households in 9 villages ). You could see the tea factory bellow the commune office in the picture.


Figure 1: Ecolink’s value chain for organic produce



Ecolink employs 30 people in total with 6 in the head office in Hanoi, 40 staffs in factories. Management team has 5 members.

Ngu Dy Than, Founder and Director of Ecolink – Prior to setting up HTC in 2001, Mr.Than– an engineer by profession – was a tea-buying agent for Lipton/Unilever in Vietnam. He was responsible for setting up a supply chain for Lipton to purchase tea from Vietnamese farmers. After a four-year stint with Lipton, Mr.Than then realized that there was opportunity to professionalize the supply chain connecting local and foreign buyers to processors and farmers, so he joined a group of agro-traders and established their own agricultural supply chain company, HTC. He is very passionate about tea, and it is clear that he sees organic foods as an area where HTC has to expand to ensure it meets evolving market demands. He is hardworking, astute, but has only been somewhat responsive to LGT VP’s requests for information.

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Pham Minh Duc, Director of Internal Control System for Ecolink (an now effectively CEO) -Duc plays an integral role at Ecolink, as he is effectively Mr.Than’s right hand man. Duc works closely with farmer groups, tea processing and quality control teams to ensure that the final products meet customers’ demands. He is well respected by the team and passionate about tea. He has a Masters in Agriculture and MBA from the Vietnam Agricultural University.

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Ecolink  activities includes :

1.   To invest to strenthen  supply chain of organic- fairtrade products, and especially      the links between farmer /planters and proccessor . We have  2 organic tea/spices projects certified in Bac Ha ( Lao Cai province ),  Quang Binh ( Ha Giang province ), and are carrying out 5 more projects of organic ginger/ tea/ cassia in Ha Giang/ Yen Bai/ Lai Chau province .

Ecolink also help to set up various organic farmer groups in Thai Nguyen, Lao Cai, Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Bac Giang, Hoa Binh, Hanoi province.

  1. To serve as marketing channel for small-scale producers of organic and "clean" agricultural products, following fair trade principles in its marketing activities. We are makerting agent for organic /fairtrade tea/ spice  from various organic farmer groups/producer who produces organic tea, spice, vegetable, rice, meat, egg etc for export and local market
  2. To provide services to local producers and (potential) buyers in Western countries for the export of organic, "clean" and/or fair trade goods. Our fair organic tea/ spice have been export to various countries in EU/ America continents. We are working on plan to set up various supply channel of organic spice ( ginger, cinamon etc ) and herb.
  3. To develop a local market for high-quality, organic and "clean" agricultural products. We set up a distribution network to deliver door–to-door organic foods to hundreds of households in Hanoi city and is developping it nationwide.
  4. To provide technical assistance services to other organisations on issues related to organic and "clean" farming, quality management and fair trade issues in agriculture: Ecolink provides consultancy for producers to set up organic / fairtrade system and help them in getting  certification and ICS management . The main aim is to build up ORGANIC / FAIRTRADE COMMUNITY IN VIETNAM
  5. To engage in sustainable development activities, especially those concerned with organic food production and processing, alternative marketing systems and fair trade, conservation and promotion of local crops and varieties, and community enterprise/co-operative development;
  6. To engage in tourism and other activities related to the promotion of organic and "clean" agricultural production in Vietnam; 

In short , we commit to  support the sustainable/organic agricultural movement within Vietnam, the Indochina/ ASEAN region and worldwide

Ecolink would like to find longterm partner  as suppliers of organic/ fairtrade products ( to export and import in Vietnam ), as buyers ( importers in EU/ America/ Japan ) , as consultant of organic/ fairtrade ,  as well as community  development orgnisation .

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